Our goal is to provide high quality, reliable lumber products and services. We understand that our customers require timely, dynamic service through the whole value chain, manufacturers and retailers alike. We deliver on these promises through our expertise in procurement, product knowledge, and logistics. 


Growing up with a father in the lumber business for over forty years, Stephen naturally gravitated to the industry. Caliper Forest Products was developed through a combination of experience, passion, and entrepreneurial ingenuity. Caliper opened its doors in 2018 supplying SPF and Doug-Fir in a variety of grades to customers that reach across North America.


Simply, we conduct business with transparency, integrity and due diligence. 


Flexible. Quick to adapt to ever-changing market conditions. 

Solution Oriented. Approaching our customer’s unique business needs with tailored, adaptive solutions. 

Emphasis on efficiency. Simplified processes for a faster turn-around, without sacrificing quality.